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About Me

Who is Voice Teacher Emily?

Voice Teacher Emily is an international voice teacher, as she teaches singers on national tours and around the world. She works with all ages, and specializes in contemporary music.


Emily is currently located in the Winchester, VA area, and teaches both in person and virtually.


She is certified in Evidence Based Voicework Pedagogy, and is pursuing her Masters of Music in Vocal Pedagogy- with an emphasis in Contemporary Commercial Music- at Shenandoah Conservatory, where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre.


Additionally, she has been a teaching assistant in Acting Through Song classes. This is what makes her a multifaceted, fully equipped teacher for musical theatre students.


She is extremely passionate about vocal pedagogy, and hopes to see you in the studio!

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My Philosophy

My role as a teacher is to lead students to have easy, sustainable technique that will support them through any musical endeavor. This includes whether they are singing any CCM style, genre, or telling a story. I believe that, once there is a solid foundation of technique, storytelling informs the voice. Allowing the acting to drive the song is necessary for the musical theatre performer.

Diversity Statement

My studio is human-first. I am committed to creating a space that prioritizes inclusion and accessibility. I have a zero tolerance policy for discrimination regarding race, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, and religion.

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